Ways to prevent nail polish from chipping while swimming

Every girl always suffers from the problem of nail polish chipping, especially after swimming. This is due to the effects of chlorine and saltwater found in the ocean and swimming pools on nail polish. It can be difficult to maintain a long-lasting nail polish, even if multiple coats are applied. However, because we always have solutions to get rid of the problem of nail polish chipping, you can learn how to maintain your nail polish while swimming.

Nail filing and buffing

Nails should be prepared before applying manicure by properly filing them to ensure that there are no uneven or irregular parts. It is also important to smooth the surface of the nails well to ensure that the nail polish adheres properly once applied. If the surface of the nails is not properly smoothed or there are remnants of old nail polish, it can cause the new nail polish to be unstable and prone to chipping.

Applying a nail polish base coat

First, a clear nail polish or what is known as a nail polish base coat should be applied. After it dries, apply a coat of your preferred color nail polish and ensure it is fully dry before applying another coat of the clear nail polish to ensure the nail polish remains stable for the longest possible period. Take care to leave a gap between the application of each layer to ensure its stability.

Avoid shaking the bottle

Avoid shaking the nail polish bottle before applying it on your nails, as this step will create air bubbles in the bottle. Therefore, when applied on your nails, these bubbles will appear on the brush and make the nail polish prone to cracking and peeling. So be sure to avoid shaking the bottle before applying the nail polish.

Glitter nail polish

There are some types of nail polish that can stay put for a long time, such as glitter nail polish that is difficult to remove with acetone. Don’t hesitate to try glitter nail polish before going swimming, as it won’t be prone to peeling. Plus, it will give your fingers a unique look whenever the sunlight reflects on the glitter.

Gel polish is the best

Nail gel polish is the perfect solution to keep your nail polish steady and unaffected by swimming pool or seawater. It can last on nails for up to two weeks without chipping. However, we recommend having it applied in a beauty salon to ensure proper application that makes it long-lasting, as it requires a professional to apply it.

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