Tips for applying makeup and the best products

Applying makeup is not an easy task, it requires care and attention when using it to match your age stage. We previously talked in an article about tips for applying makeup during teenage years, today we will tell you about the best tips for applying makeup and the top recommended products. These tips can help you achieve a great makeup look while avoiding any mistakes that may harm your skin in the future.


Primer is one of the essential steps that girls in their twenties should use, especially those with oily skin to ensure long-lasting makeup. Also, in case of full makeup application for an event. In your thirties, the primer is important because it lifts and moisturizes the face before applying foundation to ensure a smooth and flawless makeup without showing any fine lines that may be present on the face and bothering you.


You should be careful not to use foundation or base cream daily and throughout the day. So if you want to apply it in the morning, choose a foundation with a light coverage to show your beauty, but in the evening do not hesitate to use a foundation that gives you full coverage to hide any blemishes on your face. However, you need to pay good attention to choosing the appropriate type of base cream for your skin, making sure to use a moisturizing type if you have some fine lines in your thirties.


Concealer is one of the important steps that should not be skipped, especially if you are facing the problem of dark circles in your twenties or thirties, to ensure a daily stunning makeup. For example, you can avoid applying foundation when leaving home, but the concealer is one of the essentials that cannot be dispensed with at any age stage. Take care to choose a light type of it, to ensure that wrinkles do not appear under the eyes with the application of eye primer and to ensure its stability, add a little powder to it.

Using concealer or colored concealer is also an important step if you are facing a problem with dark circles, dark spots or any facial imperfections. Yellow concealer is selected for strong dark circles, while coral concealer is used for dark spots or dark circles, while green is used to conceal any redness or pimples on the face. Before applying, make sure to blend it well with the skin before applying the foundation or traditional colored concealer on top.


It is important to take good care of the eyebrows in the twenties and thirties and not to remove a large percentage of the hairs because they decrease with age, so you should keep them thick and when applying any products on them, fill in any gaps and don’t over-draw them to avoid a bad appearance, and take care to use a brush to groom them properly to make them look natural.


If you’re looking for the best way to achieve a beautiful face all the time, you should try using contourig. It helps a lot in contouring the face and highlighting your features, as well as enhancing your cheekbones in the shape you want, while hiding any facial imperfections, especially the fine lines that may appear in your thirties. Also, be careful not to choose overly light or dark shades excessively.

Eye makeup

Most of us want to apply eye makeup correctly to ensure a beautiful look. Therefore, you should start by applying a primer for the eyes to make this area smooth and without any lines, even if they are simple. At the same time, showing the correct colors of eyelid shadows.


One of the important and preferred steps for most girls is using mascara daily. In fact, it is great because it helps you to thicken the lashes if they are light, short or even straight, to give you the most beautiful look at any age stage, and always remember that lashes become lighter with age. The best product to help you get thick and voluminous lashes as if you were wearing false lashes is this product.


If you are in your twenties or thirties, don’t hesitate to add some light to your face for a bright makeup by applying highlighter powder, or a pencil on your cheekbones, nose, under the eyebrow arch and above the lips. Take care not to overuse the highlighter on your face for a great appearance. I would suggest using a pencil highlighter as it is easier to control and won’t show any flaws on your face unlike the creamy type.


In the teenage stage, we always recommend using soft pink or shiny beige lipsticks. But in your twenties and thirties, it’s time to break the rules and try bold red shades like dark maroon that will give you a stunning appearance.

Using the right tools

When using makeup tools, it’s important to be careful in using good quality brushes, and to make sure to wash them regularly. In your thirties, make sure to use a fluffy blending brush when applying foundation or concealer to ensure a light layer and avoid premature aging and visible lines on your face.

Removing makeup before sleep

You should not forget to remove your makeup after going outside and before sleeping, as leaving it on can negatively affect your skin and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles in the future. For this reason, pay attention to using a traditional makeup remover to clean your skin well from the effects of makeup, and since we know that it is not easy to remove water-resistant mascara, it is better to use a remover that contains a proportion of oils.

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