The simpler the nails, the more you are on-trend

It’s the season of simple nail trends! At the top of the list are the clear, light, and natural nails known as ‘Clean Nails.’ By opting for them, you will undoubtedly achieve beautiful fingers with a distinctive minimalistic touch. The images we’ve gathered for you will inspire you to embrace this trend right away.

Natural nail colors are a trend for 2024

Soap Nails

Just like the ‘No Makeup Makeup’ trend, this nail trend is limited to applying nail polish in light shades such as nude and pink. This results in natural and well-groomed nails, as if you aren’t wearing any nail polish at all. Additionally, this trend places more emphasis on cuticle care and thorough nail cleaning, shifting the focus from the application of nail polish.

Steps to adopt the trend Soap Nails

  • Soak your hands in warm water with lemon to facilitate the removal of dead skin.
  • Use a cuticle softener to help ease the removal of dead skin.
  • Push back the cuticles using a dedicated tool.
  • Trim away dead skin using cuticle scissors.
  • Shape your nails as desired.
  • Polish the nails with a buffer to create a thick layer.
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate and moisturize your hands.
  • Apply oil around the nails for hydration.
  • Swipe a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover over the nails to remove excess oils.
  • Apply a neutral-colored nail polish, whether it’s leaning towards beige, transparent, or light pink.
  • Remember to apply a top coat and clean the edges of the nails for a neat look.

Glitter French Nails

Blend the minimalistic style with an eye-catching touch by embracing the trend of glitter French manicure! This trend involves adopting a French tip in a glitter color, whether it’s gold, copper, or silver, over a nude or light white nail polish with a slight transparency.

Steps to embrace the trend Glitter French Nails

  • Begin by cleaning and removing any dead skin.
  • Apply a neutral-colored or light white nail polish with a slight transparency.
  • Wait for the nail polish to dry thoroughly, then draw a glitter line on the tips using a thin brush.
  • As a final step, apply the topcoat.

The nail trend Floating French Tips

Yes, applying a classic French manicure is a staple in the beauty world, but this season it’s time to switch it up for a more distinctive trend. The Floating French Tips trend involves applying a thin line on the nail, in a horizontal or circular pattern, on a nude-colored base.

Steps to adopt the Floating French Tips trend

  • Start by cleaning and removing dead skin.
  • Apply a neutral-colored nail polish.
  • Using a thin brush, draw a line in the color of your choice. You can apply it to the upper, middle, or lower part of the nail.
  • Draw lines on the entire nails, or you can adopt this trend uniquely by drawing a line on one nail, with other lines in the opposite direction.

Simple Dot Nails

Whether by applying a shiny bead or drawing a dot with nail polish, you can adopt the Simple Dot Nails trend to showcase a soft and stylish beauty look. This trend is perfect for you, especially if you have a minimalistic style, as it revolves around neutral nail polish adorned with a small dot.

Steps to adopt the Simple Dot Nails trend

  • Start by cleaning and removing dead skin.
  • Apply neutral-colored nail polish.
  • If you want to draw a dot using nail polish, do this step after the neutral polish has dried.
  • Using a tool specifically designed for dotting, proceed with this step. If you don’t have one, you can use, for example, a hairpin.
  • After the nail polish has dried, apply the topcoat.
  • If you want to apply a shiny bead, make sure to place it directly after the topcoat before it dries to secure it.

The “Milky Nails” trend

It involves applying nail polish colors in a translucent white shade resembling the color of milk, either with a subtle touch or in a prominent manner. This trend is perfect for an effortless and clean beauty look with neat and tidy nails.

Steps to adopt the Milky Nails trend

  • Remove the cuticles.
  • Apply a neutral translucent white nail polish.
  • Apply a topcoat.

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