The lipstick trends for Winter 2024

Whether it’s black, brown, or red lipstick, the shapes and colors of popular lipsticks for Winter 2024 vary to suit your style. In this article, we will delve into the trending lip colors of this season to present to you the standout shades you should embrace to stay on-trend.

Prominent Lipstick Colors in Winter 2024

1- Black Lipstick

Are you someone with a bold and attention-grabbing style? Just embrace the trend of black lipstick. Stand out during evening hours with an unconventional look by adopting this trend. Our advice for you: avoid applying heavy eye makeup to prevent a chaotic outcome. If you opt for black lipstick alone, you’ll draw all the attention to your lips.

2- Dark Brown Lipstick

From clothing to nail polish and eyeshadow, the dark brown color transcends all trends, extending its influence to lipstick shades as well. Dark brown lipstick is also among the popular lipstick trends this season, promising to give you a warm makeup look suitable for winter days. Embrace this lipstick in your daily looks with bronzer and eye makeup that is limited to concealer only. As for your chic casual or formal looks, how about choosing neutral eyeshadows with brown lipstick?

3- Red Lipstick

If you are a fan of classic red lipstick, you are in luck as it is also trendy in Winter 2024. Don’t hesitate to adopt this trend for both formal occasions and daily looks, as red lipstick is like the little black dress in the makeup world. It is versatile, essential, and, best of all, any woman can apply it to add an element of sophistication to any look, day or night. Additionally, red lipstick is popular in all formulations, whether glossy or matte, so you have plenty of options.

4- gloss Lipstick

A lip gloss in all its shades will not leave your bag this season, especially if you want to achieve the effect of fuller lips! This type of lipstick helps make your lips appear fuller, especially if you opt for a nude shade. Additionally, you can apply lip gloss in the color of your choice to stay on-trend.

4- Lip Liner

A ’90s trend is making a comeback in the fall and winter of 2023-2024! This season, outline your lips using a dark lip liner, then fill in the center. You can choose a lipstick with a slightly lighter shade matching the lip liner, or apply a sheer lip gloss to highlight the contour.

6- Stained Lipstick

Although the trend of defined lips with lip liner is popular in winter, the stained lip look, which goes beyond the lip borders, has also emerged. This beauty trend is perfect for you if you have a bold and playful style. However, we advise against applying strong makeup on the cheeks or eyes with this look to avoid adding chaos to your overall appearance.

7- Unconventional Lipstick

This lipstick trend suits you as well if you have a bold style. We’ve seen models with mismatched lipstick, applying one color to the upper lip and a different color to the lower lip. Another model featured a glossy lower lip only. Whatever model you choose, be confident that you will capture attention.

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