The 9 weirdest makeup trends on TikTok

Spending hours and hours browsing on TikTok and watching videos that don’t exceed one minute has become a favorite hobby for many girls and ladies. With all these videos available, what becomes most noticeable to you is the number of likes on each video, and since makeup is among my favorite topics, it becomes the most noticeable topic on TikTok.

Therefore, I have decided to bring you some of the makeup trends and tips that I have seen on TikTok that have been well received by many girls and women, and some of them even got millions of views.

Smokey Eye Makeup

The “Z-generation makeup trend” is a style of makeup popularized by the generation born in the late 1990s to early 2010s. It is characterized by highly shiny and glossy makeup with heavily smoked out black eyes (achieved by adding water or increasing the amount of setting spray). It originated from a girl who posted a video showcasing this type of makeup and explained that it was her go-to look for school because she would often come home with smudged eyes due to her experiences there.

The minimal clean makeup

The minimalistic clean makeup trend was started by Haleigh Barker when she shared a video of her applying minimal amounts of beauty products on her face. This gave rise to the idea of barely visible, natural-looking makeup that highlights the skin’s health and hides imperfections by prioritizing skincare products and using minimal under-eye concealer, blush, mascara, and highlighter.

“I Feel Fresh” makeup

Do you feel cold in these cold winter weathers? The first thing that appears on our faces when we feel cold is very red cheeks with a lot of shine on our eyes. That’s where the frosty makeup trend came from! With winter coming and very low temperatures, the feeling of coldness increases, and this will definitely be the makeup trend for this winter. Just apply a lot of red cheeks with white eye shadows above your eyes, and you’ll be ready to receive millions of views on your TikTok.

Deep lip defining trend

This is not the old trend that was popular in the 90s, today it’s a technique for defining the lips in a noticeable way by blending the edges well, then applying a lot of lip gloss on them. It’s an excellent trick for those who prefer not to put a lot of makeup on their face or if you want to rely on a technique to enhance the lips in a noticeable way.

Cheek Blush

Certainly, you’ve noticed the abundance of products of cheek blush in the markets in its various forms. There is liquid cheek blush, powder cheek blush, and cheek blush combined with face glow (highlighter). There are many different types of blushes that try to cover and embrace the makeup trend that emphasizes the use of cheek blush on the face. It’s not just limited to the face, it has expanded to be used on the lips, eyes and nose as well.

The Eye Makeup Trend in the 1960s

The first to appear with this makeup is the singer Ariana Grande in the famous song “Positions”. It is a distinctive way of drawing a sharp, curved eyeliner/eyelid above the eyes, with a yellow or blue eye shadow. It has gained popularity on TikTok, and many people have followed suit.

The trend of unexpected color

The steps in this makeup start by applying your daily makeup, which is usually in light earthy colors. Then you decide to add brightly colored eye shadows. This is simply what the makeup artist in front of me did when I watched a seven-second clip on TikTok. It’s just a daily makeup look but with a bold pop of color on the face. It can be a surprising orange-colored eyeliner or a bold pink lip color, the important thing is to have a standout color.

Powder trick with foundation cream

Do you want to have a heavier coverage for your lightweight foundation cream? Have an important event and don’t want to buy a new foundation? The solution is here in this TikTok hack. Simply mix a little of your foundation cream with a transparent setting powder, then apply it on your face using a regular foundation brush.

You will notice that the foundation has become more covering, transforming from sheer to full coverage, hiding all skin imperfections.

The concealer trick for contouring the face

Lift and tighten your face in five minutes? Is it possible? No! By applying concealer or covering up imperfections in this way (as shown in the picture), you will get a complete lift for your face without having to resort to cosmetic procedures. Simply apply the concealer by placing a simple dot under the eye, then draw a thick line at the corner of the eye towards the upper part of the eyebrow, and another sweep of concealer along the lip line towards the top, and blend them with a small concealer brush or a specially designed blending sponge.

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