“Tenniscore” tenniswear takes over the fall season

This autumn season brings a trend that combines elegance and sport, known as “tennis-style” or “teniscore.” It seamlessly blends modern fashion with a touch of nostalgia, fusing contemporary sports and vintage country club aesthetic.

With the current fashion craze, teniscore seamlessly blends modern sports and classic beauty. It is characterized by small tennis pleats, sturdy sweaters, leather sneakers and ribbed tube socks, all in classic white. It’s a perfect combination of fashion and strength sports.

Fashion enthusiasts are already diving into the seasonal trends, and teniscore is poised to take the lead this fall, with both influencers and fashion shows alike.

Recently, Bella Hadid was seen in New York wearing a chic, short dress from Barbour, paired with a sweater and white sneakers, completing the look.

But it’s not just celebrities on the streets that are drawn to this trend, designers themselves are embracing it, which is not surprising, as Princess Diana was seen sporting it, showing its lasting impact.

How to Coordinate Tennis Outfits:

Incorporating chess print into the piece can be a way to break away from the athletic look and add a short touch of flair to the tennis attire. By coordinating with a windbreaker, it gains greater charm. On rainy days, it can be a perfect complement to both t-shirts and windbreakers, giving the schoolboy look a touch of style.

Ideas for Coordinating Tennis Outfits

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