Skin Care Myths… Here’s the Truth!

Every time you browse TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, you discover new skincare information or trends… are they all true? We’ve gathered the most commonly circulated misconceptions and all the information you need to know the facts.

Skincare Myths and Their Truths

1- Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin moisturized

While staying hydrated is beneficial for the body, the skin doesn’t automatically absorb water when you drink it. The best way to keep your skin moisturized is to avoid dry air, use a gentle cleanser, and apply a daily moisturizer with ingredients that help maintain moisture in the skin barrier, such as hyaluronic acid.

2- No Need for Retinol Before the Age of 50

Using retinol boosts collagen production, renews skin cells, helps treat acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and evens out skin tone. It’s ideal to start using retinol in your mid-twenties.

3- Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturizing

It’s a misconception that people with oily skin have naturally well-hydrated skin and don’t need moisturizing. However, these natural oil secretions don’t prevent dryness caused by environmental factors. Opt for a lightweight, non-greasy moisturizer to prevent excess oil buildup.”

4- The Phrase ‘Dermatologist Tested’ Doesn’t Guarantee Safety:

The phrase ‘dermatologist tested’ is not an official certification but rather a marketing slogan. It doesn’t mean that the product has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the American Academy of Dermatology, or any other regulatory body. Therefore, it’s essential to do some research to ensure product safety.

5- Hot Water is Harmful to the Skin

Hot water can cause skin dryness and lead to sagging over time. If you bathe in hot water, make sure to wash your face with cold water afterward. Cold water helps tighten the skin, stimulate blood circulation, enhancing your skin’s radiance and freshness.

6- Sunscreen Shouldn’t Have an SPF Lower Than 50

SPF 15 blocks 93% of UV rays, while SPF 30 blocks 97%, and SPF 50 blocks 98%. The choice of sunscreen and SPF is up to you, although the difference between them is minimal.

7- Pores Don’t Open and Close, but Their Size Can Change

Pores can appear larger or more prominent due to factors like age and temperature, and they can also become clogged with dirt and oils, making them look larger. However, pores do not actually open and close.

8- Lips Need Sun Protection Too

Just like any other area of the skin, lips can be damaged by UV rays, causing them to become dry and discolored. Always use a lip balm with sun protection factor (SPF) to protect your lips.

9- Coconut Oil Is Not an Ideal Face Moisturizer

Using coconut oil as a moisturizer has become a popular trend recently. However, the truth is that it’s one of the oils that can clog pores, disrupting the skin’s natural oil and sweat production, leading to breakouts. While it might be beneficial for hair, it’s not suitable as a facial moisturizer.

10- Over-Exfoliating Doesn’t Make Skin Healthier

While exfoliation is an excellent way to renew the skin and remove dirt and dead cells, overdoing it can harm the skin’s protective layer. Exfoliate your face twice a week, and choose a gentle exfoliator suitable for your skin.

11- Shaving Facial Hair Doesn’t Make It Grow Thicker

This is a widespread myth. The density of your hair is determined by hormones and genetics. Additionally, when you shave facial hair, you cut it at the base, not affecting the follicles. This means your hair will grow back at the same rate, density, and texture it was before.

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