Shoes suitable for university/college for different times of the year

Are you preparing university outfits for this period? But what about shoes? Should you rely on just sneakers, or are flat shoes suitable for every day? Many shoes can be worn for university throughout the year without the need to rely on just one pair. We all know that university requires shoes that are appropriate for every day, durable, and most importantly, comfortable for daily university commutes. We don’t want to wear high heels at 8 am in the middle of a lecture attended by many people and colleagues.

Therefore, in this article, we will review many shoe designs suitable for university/college for different times of the year.

A special running shoe

I know we told you that sportswear is not always the best thing for college/university, but the most important question that settles the matter remains: Will you need to run at 6 am to catch the university bus? Unfortunately, yes…

I don’t want to tell you how many times I missed the university bus because of the shoes I was wearing. That’s why I find it very important to have a special running shoe as part of your college/university footwear collection, as it will be very comfortable for you on days when you are late, and it can be waterproof. Also, if your department is located on a high floor in the college building or you have to walk on your feet, this shoe will be your first friend in college.

The flat shoe

One of the shoes that should join us in this group, not only because it is flat and won’t bother you throughout the way to the university or in the middle of the day, but it is also suitable for a long university day where you want to move freely around all the college buildings.

Loafer shoes

A shoe that gives unnatural elegance without effort or cost, as it is usually designed with a brass or gold decoration on the front that adds a touch of elegance to the foot without the need for an extraordinary effort in the outfit you will wear to the university.

Slip-on athletic shoe

One of the shoes that you will resort to quickly one day. It is not only laceless, which saves you time from undoing and redoing the laces, but it will also be very comfortable in terms of its interior lining that will support the entire foot and provide a well-proportioned shape for your feet, especially if you have small feet.

Flat open-toe sandals

One of the sandal designs that I have recently liked, and has also gained the admiration of many girls, is very popular and different from any shoe designs we have seen in the past years. And definitely, it is very practical and suitable for college.

Simple-heeled sandal

Wearing heels to university? Yes, but their height shouldn’t exceed 5cm. If you have a simple day at university and you’ll be out and about afterwards, it’s okay to wear a comfortable and stylish sandal with a low heel. Just avoid bright colors that draw too much attention and aren’t suitable for morning periods, such as neon colors.

Black heeled shoe

We all have this time when we are required to give a presentation in college or deliver a talk in the middle of a lecture to showcase our research and so on. Certainly, we will need to wear a suitable formal attire for this event, such as a formal suit. Therefore, black heels will be the most appropriate for this occasion.

A boot with a wide pointed heel

One of the timeless boot designs that never goes out of style, as it’s both elegant and practical. It’s a new version of the classic heeled boot that was popular in past years. If you are a fan of dark colors or the fast electric bike rider style, this pointed-toe ankle boot with a wide heel can be a great choice for your university wardrobe.

Waterproof boot

Winter sometimes surprises us with unexpected weather conditions, such as rain, clouds, or even storms. And all of these conditions cannot be withstood by a regular boot or even a sports shoe. You need a waterproof shoe that can resist all of these weather factors. Therefore, a waterproof boot is here to save you in these situations.

White athletic shoe

One of the most versatile pieces of footwear, as even after graduating from university, I still use and wear them for any casual outing or event. Add them to your shoe collection and you will never regret it.

Mules shoes

A suitable shoe for the transitional period between summer and fall, it is simple, flat, and open at the back to give you some ventilation and comfort, and closed at the front to give you a sense of the slight warmth we need in the presence of chilly morning breezes.

Wedge shoes

One of the summer sandal designs that is suitable for all times and outings, and most importantly, it does not make any noise while walking and moving. Therefore, it will be suitable for you for university, especially if the heel height does not exceed 7 cm.

Colorful shoe

There’s nothing wrong with adding a colorful shoe in pastel colors to your collection of university shoes. Adding colors to your overall look makes your appearance more elegant and cheerful without much effort.

Open-toe rubber sandal.

Have you seen this sandal before on social media? Some people liked its unique design, while others did not like the idea of wearing socks with an open-toe flat sandal and considered it more suitable for home than for college. Therefore, if your style is very comfortable and full of sweatpants, don’t hesitate to adopt this flat sandal design in your wardrobe.

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