Makeup trends we will see everywhere in spring 2024! Excited to try them out

From blue eye makeup, through red lipstick, to pink blush, makeup trends are diverse and set to dominate in spring 2024! Stay on trend and discover the popular makeup looks. Are you ready to embrace them all?

Spring 2024 Makeup Trends:

Red Lips

If you’re a fan of classic red lipstick, you’re in luck as it remains trendy. Don’t hesitate to adopt this trend, whether for formal occasions or daily looks, as red lipstick is like the little black dress in the world of makeup. Additionally, red lipstick is popular in all formulations, whether glossy or matte, giving you plenty of options.

Glossy Lips

A lip plumping gloss in all its shades will not leave your bag this season, especially if you want to achieve fuller lips! This type of lipstick helps make your lips appear fuller, especially if you opt for a nude shade. Additionally, you can apply a lip plumping gloss in the color of your choice to stay on trend.

Monochrom Makeup

Eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, lip contour, and lipstick – apply all these products in one color and stand out with the latest trend this season! Monochromatic makeup will give you a distinctive beauty look in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Rosy Cheeks

As part of the Coquette Trend, which is limited to a feminine and soft style, this trend has also intertwined with the world of beauty, specifically concerning blush. Pink blush is among the very popular beauty trends, capable of adding a romantic touch to the makeup.

Lip Contour

The ’90s trend is making a comeback! This season, outline your lips with a dark lip liner, then color them towards the center. You can choose a lipstick with a slightly lighter shade than the lip liner or apply a sheer lip gloss to highlight the contour.

Frosty Makeup

Prepare for the icy makeup trend this season by incorporating silver eyeshadow, highlighter in this shade, or even silver lipstick. This beauty trend will add a charming and distinctive touch to your makeup, especially in your evening looks.

Blue Eyes

Whether it’s eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara, don’t hesitate to embrace blue eye makeup this season. You’ll enhance your makeup with a vibrant touch and undoubtedly capture all the attention. If you think this makeup style is only suitable for evening looks, you’re mistaken; feel free to incorporate it into your daytime looks. If you choose to adopt this trend, it’s advisable to focus solely on the eyes without overdoing it with lipstick or blush, for example.

Graphic Eyeliner

A trend not new to the fashion world, but certainly among the eye-catching styles to adopt this season! Take out the eyeliner from your makeup bag and get creative with drawings.

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