Important tips before applying makeup

Skin care and hydration

Before applying makeup, it is important to have clean and moist skin, especially for those with dry, sensitive or skin that has recently undergone chemical treatment. In addition, it is crucial to handle the skin gently and establish a special routine for skin care to maintain its good condition. This can be done by cleansing the face in the morning and evening with warm water and a special, chemical-free face wash.

It is important to mention that the moisturizer should be selected based on the skin type and its needs. The skin may require other creams besides moisturizers, such as nourishing cream. The moisturizer should contain at least 15% of the sun protection factor (SPF) in order to protect the skin. In addition, it is important to keep the skin hydrated as needed and carry the moisturizer with you at all times. It is also recommended to use eye creams to treat dryness, dark circles, or puffiness around the eyes.

Choose the right makeup for skin tone

It’s important for a girl to choose makeup colors that match her skin tone and complexion. Some skin tones suit dark colors, while others suit light colors. Therefore, it’s essential for a girl to know her skin tone and the colors that suit it, making her look more beautiful and radiant.

Use appropriate brushes

Brushes are important tools for applying makeup, as the application of makeup is a skill in and of itself, and it is important to have the necessary tools to complete this task. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good set of soft and smooth brushes to make it easy to use and protect the skin from any sensitivity that may occur.

Tips when applying makeup

When applying makeup, it is important to consider using each tool in the correct and appropriate way. Here are some tips to follow when applying makeup:

  • Do not apply concealer or foundation on the eyelids, as this can make the eye makeup look too dry.
  • It is best to use your fingers when distributing the foundation evenly on your face, while using a brush when you want to apply the foundation partially on your face.
  • When applying blush, smile to highlight the cheekbones, and then apply the blush starting from the cheekbones towards the ears, and then downwards towards the jawline.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s skin is different, so you may need to experiment to find what works best for you.

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