How to coordinate and choose the appropriate bag for your outfit?

Have you ever stood in front of your closet wondering how to choose the right bag for your outfit? Did you feel that the fur bag wasn’t suitable for daytime in the summer…right? What about the denim bag? Is it appropriate for evening parties and gatherings? If you’ve been thinking about this for a while, this article is for you.

Coordinating bags with outfits is not an easy task, especially if you have many different bag shapes and designs and don’t know how to coordinate the entire look for your upcoming party or quick outing with friends.

But first, let me mention important factors before choosing the bag in the first place to add it to your collection of necessary accessories to complete any look.

The size of the bag should fit the shape of your body

Simply put, the elegance of your bag is worthless if it does not fit your size and body shape.

For example, for slim women or girls with a generally small body, it is expected to choose small bag sizes. For tall women, larger sizes would be suitable for their body shape.

Always remember that comfort is everything

Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to wearing clothes in general, including accessories and your handbag. Therefore, the handbag should be comfortable for you to carry and in the material it is made of. Many people suffer from allergies to synthetic materials such as faux leather and fur. So be sure to check these things before you buy or choose the right bag for you and your clothing style.

Make sure that the bag is divided on the inside

The compartments in a bag are essential in my opinion. Who doesn’t love interior pockets in a bag to hold their belongings? They are essential primarily because they provide more functionality and make the bag look more organized from the outside. Safety is another valid reason for the necessity of your bag containing interior pockets. If you are always out of the house, for example, you would prefer to carry a bag that can hold valuable items such as your money and phone.

Choose the right color of bag to match your outfit

A great way to enhance and refresh your outfit is by coordinating the color of your bag with your clothes correctly. Therefore, when choosing the color of your bag, it is important to consider neutral colors such as black, white, and nude. This way, you can coordinate your bag with anything at any time.

Try holding the bag in front of a mirror

Often, my eyes deceive me when it comes to choosing the right handbag for my outfit if the bag is hanging on the wall or on a hanger in my closet. But when I pick it up and try it on in front of the mirror, my perspective changes completely and I become somewhat convinced of it. So don’t miss out and be lazy about applying this simple trick.

Finally, the answer to your question of how to choose the right bag for the occasion?

The type of occasion you will attend will determine the type of bag you will choose. There are types of bags suitable for work, for example, while there are some bags that are suitable for casual occasions. And there are some bags that work for all occasions and are most suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of money on bags or have a limited budget.

Examples of handbags and the occasions they are suitable for:

Shoulder bags

And they are the most commonly used type of handbags and are suitable almost everywhere.


These are large bags with enough space to carry all your belongings that you plan to take anywhere and they are suitable for quick and casual outings.


Backpacks are practical and comfortable bags with a specific functional purpose, such as collecting belongings for trips, for new mothers, or for school, so they are not suitable for all occasions.

Clutch bags

These bags have become an integral part of bag designs in general in recent years and are not just a fashion statement. In my personal opinion, the material of the bag determines the occasion it is suitable for. If it is studded, it would be appropriate for weddings and formal events, for example.

Summary:Choosing the right bag to match your overall look may not always be an easy task. Therefore, take a few minutes to review your wardrobe, match and coordinate the bags with the clothes properly.

And don’t forget that comfort should be your priority when choosing a bag.

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