How to become a millionaire? 6 habits made by world’s billionaires

Wealth is one of the dreams that many people around the world aspire to, and it’s not impossible, but it requires hard work, a consistent mindset and habits to make the best use of time, to develop personal skills and a willingness to take risks if necessary.

More than 233 millionaires revealed their top six habits that made them wealthy, with 177 of them being self-made, according to Tom Corley, financial planner and author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.”

World’s wealthy habits

The habits of the world’s wealthiest individuals are not something fantastical or complex; the distinction lies in that any person can implement them and start working towards becoming a millionaire.

They learn continuously

For the wealthy, self-improvement and learning were among the top priorities. 49% of them stated that they spend a few minutes every day to learn new words, while 61% mentioned they engage in new skills, be it a sport or a course over the internet, for at least two hours a day. 63% said they listen to audio books while commuting to work. 71% reported that they read self-help books often and are drawn to the self-improvement journeys of successful people.

They listen more

The “5:1 Listening Base” was one of the strategies revealed by the wealthiest individuals. In group environments, for every minute they spoke, they listened for five minutes, which helped them strengthen their work relationships and get different perspectives on a specific issue. 81% claimed they actively seek comments from others every day, both in and outside of work.

They make a huge difference

86% of the wealthy people worked an average of 50 hours or more per week, but they didn’t work alone. Many were successful because they focused on their strengths and found a way to rely on external sources for their weaknesses. If they didn’t have a specific skill, they delegated it to someone skilled in it, so they could focus on the bigger picture and have more time and mental energy to implement it. Surrounding themselves with people who shared their vision made it possible to achieve their goals.

They dream of themselves

Many millions of people use a strategy called “Dream Building”, they sit down and write about how their ideal life would look like in 10 years’ time. Having passion for something, even if others don’t believe in it, drives a person to achieve what they want and become an expert in the field they are targeting.

Health comes first

Good health translates to a longer life, meaning more time to accumulate wealth. Healthy habits like walking longer distances or exercising boost energy and focus, and become a driving force for success.

They create their own luck

Luck in this context is not coincidence, but taking risks on something new. Many millionaires have the ability to see what is invisible to others, and come up with creative solutions and alternative paths to success. Perseverance creates opportunities, and luck comes in the end to those who refuse to give up on their dreams and goals.

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