How do you choose the right wristwatch to match your look?

Wearing watches is considered a purely classic thing, but it is one of the favorite accessories for many women, including myself, and it is a very important piece. Therefore, you should be careful about how to match it with the clothes in your wardrobe to avoid any unwanted strange style. But where should you start?

If this is a cause for concern for you, there is no need to worry as there are always watches that match your clothes. With this in mind, you will get the most out of your wristwatch, which is essentially a fashionable accessory that makes you look stylish.

If you want to achieve perfect harmony between your appearance and your wristwatch, here are some tips to follow when choosing a watch that matches your look:

Choose the appropriate wristwatch brand or trademark

When choosing the desired brand of wristwatch, you should first consider your budget and your personal style. Therefore, you should ensure to purchase a well-crafted watch made of exceptional quality materials. To verify the authenticity of the watch, check the serial number listed on the strap. Additionally, you should only buy your wristwatch from an authorized seller or dealer of the brand itself to ensure that it is genuine.

If your budget is limited, an excellent way to get an original and high-quality watch is to purchase a pre-owned watch.

Digital watch or classic watch?

There are two types of watches: classic or digital. When choosing the appropriate watch to wear with your outfit, you should consider your clothing style. This is extremely important because the designs of these watches differ. Therefore, it is wise to remain highly distinctive, especially when wearing clothes appropriate for an event.

If you are about to attend a formal occasion, classic watches are the ideal choice because they have a more formal appearance and fit perfectly with your look. You should also choose a watch with a leather strap because this looks more formal than metal strap watches. In addition, you should choose black leather because it looks more formal than brown leather.

On the other hand, digital watches, which feature a large LED digital screen, have a sporty look, making them the right choice for non-formal events. Watches with gold or silver straps are perfectly suitable when wearing casual and stylish clothes.

If you want a watch that pairs well with your casual outfits, such as t-shirts and jeans, get a watch with a metal strap.

A watch that matches with belts and shoes?

It is essential to ensure that your watch strap matches your shoes and belt. For example, wearing a watch with a brown strap while wearing a black belt and shoes is not ideal. Instead, try to match the strap colors with your belt and shoes.

The best way to coordinate your watch with your outfit is to use the color wheel theory and know which colors blend well together. With that in mind, you can determine if your watch matches your clothes.

Determine the watch style that suits you

Watches come in different shapes, and the suitable price depends on personal preference. Available designs to choose from include pilot watches, chronograph watches, field watches, diving watches, and formal watches.

When deciding which of these designs to purchase, you should consider the watch’s durability, accuracy, technology, functionality, size, shape, and style. Once you know that, it will be much easier to narrow down the range of watches that meet your needs the best.

The color of a watch match your skin?

Depending on your attire and the occasion you’ll be wearing your favorite watch, you can choose the most suitable watch face for you. If you’re wearing casual clothes during meetings or informal activities, a simple watch can be a great option. On the other hand, a jewel-studded watch adorned with gemstones may be the most suitable for pairing with luxurious dresses for a prestigious or special event such as a wedding.

Just like other types of accessories, it’s important to consider how well a watch and its decorations match your skin tone. I believe choosing a watch that complements your skin tone can significantly enhance your appearance. So, determine whether gold-faced and gold-decorated watches suit you better, or those with a silver-faced and silver-decorated design.

conclusion:choosing a watch with a suitable design and one that complements your outfit is essential as it plays a significant role in determining your self-confidence. If you often struggle with this, reading this article has provided you with helpful tips to ensure that the watch you wear complements your outfit.

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