Here are the hair dye colors for winter 2024. Head straight to the beauty salon.

What are the trendy hair dye colors for winter 2024? It’s a question you might ask if you want to change your hair color and enjoy a look that’s in fashion at the same time. From various shades of blonde, brown, and red, the popular shades vary to suit you no matter your style. Keep reading and discover in detail the most prominent hair dye colors that have emerged this season.

Popular Hair Dye Colors for Fall and Winter 2023-2024

1- Natural Blonde Hair Dye: Linen Blonde

If you want to lighten your hair during the fall season with soft and subtle colors, you can opt for the well-known Linen Blonde. It’s a natural blonde shade, ranging from beige to light brown, named after the lightweight and soft linen fabrics commonly used in the fall season. It serves as an ideal transitional color after summer. It can be found in various shades, ranging from light to dark.

2- Copper Hair Dye: Cowboy Copper

The copper hair trend is back this season, and it’s perfect for this time of year. It’s been dubbed ‘Cowboy Copper,’ thanks to TikTok, and is also known as ‘Fox Red,’ inspired by the color of a fox’s fur. It’s a blend of dark shades with classic red hair tones, incorporating hints of brown and caramel. It’s worth noting that this color suits all hair types, but if you have light-colored hair, it might require several salon visits.

3- Cherry Red Hair Dye: Red Cherry

Away from copper red, the trend of cherry red hair dye suits you if you want to go for a subtle and muted red hair look. It’s among the shades capable of adding a warm touch to your appearance during winter. This color complements tan and dark skin tones.

4- Shadow Hair: Brown and Blonde Dye

When we say ‘Shadow,’ we mean that the hair appears as it would under natural light. This trend is the perfect solution if you love both brown and blonde and can’t choose between them! It combines these two colors to create a natural effect, leaving the roots dark while the lower strands are blonde with a soft honey effect.

5- Cinnamon Cookie Butter Hair Dye

Hailey Bieber’s continuously expanding list of food-inspired beauty looks now includes the new hair color, Cinnamon Cookie Butter. As the name suggests, it features a blend of caramel and coppery cinnamon tones, but in an extremely natural way, mixed and multidimensional using highlight techniques that change with the light.

6- Witchy Brunette Hair Dye

In the fall season, many opt for darker colors, especially shades of brown leaning towards black. This color symbolizes mystery and is often associated with long hair, adding an extra touch of enchantment. This particular shade might be suitable for you and for ladies who prefer subtle and classic looks, as brown leaning towards black is considered one of the quiet and timeless shades.

7- Nepo Blonde Hair Dye

Among the beauty trends in fall and winter 2023-2024, you’ll find the Nepo Blonde hair color, a bright and natural-looking shade of blonde that is subtle and not overpowering. This color will give you a striking yet effortless look. Of course, to maintain this color permanently, you need to use hair care products specifically designed for colored hair, especially purple shampoo that preserves the blonde color and prevents it from fading.

8- Highlights Hair Dye

Blonde highlights are among the popular hair colors for fall and winter 2023-2024. This trend, reminiscent of the 90s, will add vibrancy to your hair, especially if you opt for wide highlight strands.

9- Arctic Blonde Hair Dye

Icy blonde hair color, leaning towards white, is among the trendy hair colors this season. If you have a bold style, undoubtedly, you should opt for this hair color dye, as it will reflect your striking and unique style.

10- Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Chocolate brown hair color is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Its rich, warm tones resemble the delicious shade of chocolate, adding depth and elegance to your hair. Whether you prefer a subtle tint or a more intense hue, chocolate brown complements various skin tones and suits any season

Finally, if you want to adopt brown this season, choose a dark, chocolate brown shade. It will undoubtedly give you a distinctive and beautiful look that suits the warm winter days. This color complements ladies with darker skin tones the most.

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