Extend eyelashes in a week

Is it possible to lengthen eyelashes in a week?

Many girls are eager to enhance the beauty of their eyes by having long and thick lashes, which add an attractive appearance to their eyes. In reality, there is no way to instantly grow lashes from the first time or to achieve quick results within a week. The results of the recipes related to growing lashes can vary from one girl to another, and it may take several weeks to several months to have long and thick lashes.

Some girls resort to growing lashes without oils, such as using a special eyelash mask to promote lash growth or wearing fake lashes, but this is a temporary solution. They may also opt for eyelash transplantation surgery, which is expensive and has serious risks, so it is best to find a safe and effective permanent solution. The upper eyelid of one eye contains 100-150 lashes, while the lower eyelid has 50-75 lashes, and the life span of lashes is 5-11 months before falling out. Lashes take 1-2 months to grow back. Lash growth is slow, growing at an average rate of 0.15mm/day compared to the hair on the head that grows at an average rate of 0.3-0.4mm/day. Lashes can be elongated by increasing the growth period and delaying the shedding.

If the short lashes or shedding are due to a medical reason, it is advisable to see a doctor for treatment. If not, you can follow the methods mentioned in the article to grow lashes.

Natural recipes for lengthening eyelashes

Evidence suggests that some natural oils like castor oil and coconut oil may be effective in lengthening eyelashes. Drinking tea, using caffeine, olive oil, aloe vera, and massaging the lashes have not been scientifically proven to be effective and can cause harm if used improperly. It’s important to consult with a doctor if you experience eyelash loss or shortness and if not, consider using natural oils to promote growth.

Castor oil

There is no scientific evidence that castor oil helps grow eyebrows, but there is evidence that it contains 90% ricin oleic acid which may help prevent hair loss. Further research is needed to determine if ricin oleic acid can be used to prevent eyebrow hair loss. Castor oil contains fatty acids which may promote eyebrow hair growth and delay its shedding. There are two types of castor oil; cold-pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. Either can be used as long as it is pure and free of other harmful ingredients by following these steps.

  • Try the oil on the arm before using it on the eyebrows for a day to ensure it is safe and doesn’t cause irritation.
  • Make sure the eyebrows are clean and free of makeup, and it is best to apply the oil before sleeping. Dip a cotton swab in the castor oil and then wipe the upper lashes of the eyebrows, avoiding contact with the eyes to avoid pain.
  • If the oil gets into the eyes, rinse them immediately with water or makeup remover.
  • Rinse the eyes in the morning with water. Repeat this daily to achieve the desired results.

Coconut Oil

The use of coconut oil to extend eyelashes is popularly claimed, but in reality, the evidence and studies that prove the effectiveness of coconut oil are limited only to scalp hair. Although studies have shown that it is safe to use around the eyes, it is used to maintain the health of lashes because it contains fatty acids with antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is important to note that organic virgin coconut oil, free of other ingredients that may cause irritation and sensitivity, should be used. The following steps should be followed

  • Dip the brush in coconut oil.
  • Apply the oil to the upper and lower lashes before bed as you would apply mascara, avoiding contact with the eyes.
  • Use a cotton swab to gently remove any excess oil.
  • Rinse your eyes with water in the morning and repeat daily for desired results.

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