Different Nail Fashion Trends in 2023

With the arrival of spring, we begin to discover the anticipated nail fashion trends that are expected to dominate in 2023. The designs tend to incorporate cheerful summer colors into daily nail polish to reflect the nature of the spring and summer seasons. For this reason, we will present to you the key nail polish trends for this year, so you can choose what suits you. You will appear stylish, and elegance will be your hallmark even with just a well-applied nail polish.

Here are 9 different nail fashion trends in 2023:


Metallic Nail Polish is included in the list of nail polish trends for 2023. However, instead of painting the entire nails with metallic color, it is added as an accent only, either on the top or in any other form. The important thing is that it’s a simple touch with the regular polish. You can apply it in different ways and get creative with it according to your taste.


Pastels are timeless colors, especially during the spring and summer seasons. To create interesting pastel shades that are not boring and traditional, you can mix them with chrome or metallic colors. Additionally, you can apply them in a glossy finish or a matte finish for a subtle look.

Faded color with a bold color at the tips – Ombre

You can apply the ombre technique in two ways. Either you apply it by placing the dark or black color only at the tips in a defined manner. Or you apply it gradually using a sponge to blend the color as you go downwards. If you prefer not to use black, you can use any color of your choice.

Micro French

The French manicure technique is the most popular. This year, it leans more towards simplicity and incorporates pastel colors or regular colors in the same way as shown in the picture. Experts expect this trend to continue for months throughout the year and be highly sought after in beauty salons.

Milky Nails

Natural nails or nails that lean towards the traditional shape, but with a touch of milky color, will always remain at the forefront of fashion trends. It’s the same as your natural nails but with an application of a nude color that leans towards white/pearl. You can add a shiny transparent layer. It’s perfect for morning outings and summertime.

French Ombre

Here you can combine the French manicure technique with ombre to achieve this look. You will apply layers to blend the transition between the two colors and ultimately obtain a distinctive nail polish. You can also change the colors according to your preference.


Floral trend in spring? Cliché or necessity? The trend of using flowers is always in line with the spring season, and we can never consider it repetitive. Apply the flowers with a dotting tool if you’re doing it at home and not by a professional. You can get creative with the shape, size, and colors of the flowers as you like.

Black Polish Style

The influence of Wednesday Addams’ dramatic personality will not fade away anytime soon. Her style of applying black nail polish with peculiar designs remains popular. Black and white are the heroes in this technique. Drawing things like daggers, spiders, and others distinguishes this technique from any regular use of black and white together.

Negative Space (Half Moon Nails)

Playing with negative space is not new, but what’s different in its application this year is using a glossy nail polish as the base layer on the entire nail and then painting the color on only half or some of the empty space. This method is simple and suitable for everyday and sunny summer days, especially when using summer and pastel colors.

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