Charming Winter 2024 Eye Makeup Trends

If we had to describe the eye makeup trends for fall and winter 2023-2024 in one word, we would definitely choose: enchanting! Bold looks have taken a prominent place in the beauty trends, whether in terms of colors or the way eyeshadow and eyeliner are applied. Keep reading to discover the top eye makeup trends for this season.

Top Eye Makeup Trends for Winter 2024

Colored Mascara, the Latest Eye Makeup Trends for Winter 2024

Red, white, pink, blue… Replace the black in your mascara and apply these vibrant shades to your lashes. Add a burst of vibrancy to your warm winter looks in 2024 and let all eyes be drawn to your eye makeup.

Pastel eyeshadow colors

Put aside the classic eyeshadow colors, and apply pastel shades this winter to add a bright atmosphere to the cold days. From pink, green, or light blue, you have multiple options. Be sure you’ll stand out with a playful and eye-catching beauty look.

Smokey makeup

We all agree that smoky makeup is the most suitable for winter, especially during the evening hours. This season, opt for it in a non-traditional way, meaning applying it without blending. This look will undoubtedly reveal your bold style.

Dramatic Eyelashes

Who among us doesn’t love to have long and thick eyelashes? But this season, fashion trends invite you to adopt a dramatic look by adding oversized eyelashes, whether they are adorned with exotic details like glittering particles or not.

Extended Eyeshadow

No, it’s not a costume party but rather one of the latest trends in eyeshadow application for the winter season. It requires a lot of boldness and will add a dramatic touch to your beauty look.

Applying eyeliner all around the eye

Applying eyeliner all around the eye is a daring makeup trend that can create a bold and intense look. It involves lining both the upper and lower lash lines, as well as the waterline, with eyeliner to define and emphasize the eyes. This technique can make your eyes appear larger and more dramatic. However, it’s important to be precise when applying eyeliner all around the eye to achieve a polished and well-balanced look.

Applying eyeliner on the lower

lash line is a popular makeup technique that can enhance the appearance of the eyes. This method involves using eyeliner to define the lower lash line, creating a more dramatic and sultry look. It can make the eyes appear larger and add depth to the overall eye makeup. However, it’s important to apply the eyeliner carefully and avoid making the line too thick, as this can make the eyes appear smaller. Using lighter or softer shades of eyeliner on the lower lash line can create a more subtle effect, while dark and bold colors can add intensity and allure to the eyes.

Smudged eyeliner

refers to the technique of using an eyeliner pencil to draw fine, dark lines on both the upper and lower eyelids, and then smudging or blending the two colors together. This method aims to give an attractive and bold touch to the makeup and accentuate the beauty of the eyes. The technique involves using different eyeliner colors to create gradients and shades, resulting in an eye-catching and bold appearance.

Graphic eyeliner

is a makeup trend that involves creating bold and artistic eyeliner designs. These designs often feature sharp, precise lines, geometric shapes, or intricate patterns using eyeliner, and they can be used to create a dramatic and edgy eye makeup look. This trend allows for creative and artistic expression through eye makeup, making a statement with unique and eye-catching designs.

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