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The World Health Organization recognizes obesity as an excessive accumulation of fat that poses a threat to human health. An individual is considered obese if their body mass index (BMI) is equal to or greater than 30, while an individual with a BMI equal to or greater than 25 is considered to have excess weight. It is important to note that obesity is one of the leading risk factors for a variety of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Burn fat

Many companies have been promoting products that promise to burn calories and fat. In reality, the conventional way to burn fat is through increasing physical activity, the best way to achieve the desired goal. There are many methods that can help increase a person’s fat burning rate, including:

  • Increasing the duration of physical exercise: The body burns calories during physical exercise to provide energy. It is interesting to note that the body continues to burn more calories even after the exercise is finished. This effect depends on the body’s overall composition and the duration of the person’s physical exercise. The longer the exercise duration, the higher the body’s calorie-burning rate and the faster the metabolic rate.
  • Exercising with resistance training helps in building and strengthening muscles and increasing muscle mass. This leads to an increase in the metabolic rate, even at rest, as muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue. As people age, the metabolic rate decreases, making resistance training important in maintaining it. At least two sessions of resistance training per week can help boost the metabolic rate. Large muscle groups, such as the abdominal, chest, legs, and arms, are the ones that burn the most fat.
  • Caffeine is considered one of the things that increases the body’s metabolism rate. This is believed to be due to its ability to stimulate the body into thinking it has more energy, which drives it to increase its activity. Green and black teas and coffee drinks contain caffeine. To benefit from the fat-burning properties of caffeine in coffee without any adverse effects like jitters, it is recommended to drink 1-4 cups of coffee per day.
  • Yes, consuming small and frequent meals can increase your metabolism and therefore help in burning more calories. This happens because the body needs energy to start the digestive process each time you eat a meal. By eating smaller and more frequent meals, you keep your metabolism active throughout the day and burn more calories.
  • Continuing to skip breakfast: Increasing evidence supports the connection between weight gain and not consuming breakfast; some studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast tend to consume more calories throughout the day and not eating breakfast is also associated with a higher body mass index in adolescents.
  • Drinking water: Drinking half a liter of water can increase calorie burn by 24-30%, and drinking water helps reduce the number of calories consumed. Water has been shown to have a weight loss effect, especially when it replaces high calorie and sugary drinks.
  • Consuming spicy peppers: Spicy peppers contain capsaicin, which may increase the body’s fat burn rate and reduce appetite.

The truth about some recipes for burning fat and losing weight

Burn fat with lemon

There are many claims about the ability of lemon, especially when mixed with hot water, to burn fat and lose weight, but there is no scientific evidence to suggest that drinking lemon water helps to lose weight compared to plain water. The only effective way to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories one consumes and increase their rate of burning and usage, and perhaps drinking water with lemon can enhance the feeling of fullness, contributing to reducing calorie intake and weight loss. However, this effect occurs due to reducing calorie intake, not because of the properties of lemon. Drinking lemon water is not a magical solution for automatically losing weight, and a person will not notice any change in their weight if they rely on it and continue to consume unhealthy fast food.

Burning fat with cinnamon and honey

Despite the claims about the weight loss benefits of a mixture of cinnamon and honey, the evidence is weak. One study indicated the possibility of avoiding weight gain by replacing table sugar with honey. Another study found that honey can activate hormones that suppress appetite, but no study has definitively proven that the mixture of cinnamon and honey can cause weight loss.

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