Basic shoes that every girl should have in her wardrobe

The shoe styles are numerous and constantly changing every year, but there are essential pieces that should be in every girl’s wardrobe, because you will always need them. Therefore, when shopping for shoes online, you should consider the styles you currently have and whether you need to purchase them or not. That’s why today, I decided to help you discover the most essential shoe models that should be in every girl’s wardrobe.

The classic high-heeled shoe

The classic high-heeled shoe is considered an important and essential piece in any girl’s wardrobe. You will always need to wear it in case of an important occasion. You can try choosing the simple classic model or the open-back with a pointed toe to ensure an elegant look. I advise you to pay attention to choosing it either in black or nude color to match most of your outfits.

The flat slipper

The Slipper is one of the prominent shoe trends of 2020 and is also one of the essential pieces that a girl may need at all times, especially during the summer season. The flat slipper is a great piece that goes well with most of your casual clothes, as well as abayas and kaftans. Therefore, you can choose it in your morning looks to ensure a trendy yet simple appearance.

The athletic shoe

Sport shoes always top the list of fashion trends every year. Therefore, you should have at least two types of athletic shoes in your wardrobe, such as the classic white ones that are always in trend or the multi-colored ones that can go well with most of your practical daily outfits without facing any difficulty in coordinating your clothes.

Loafers shoe

Many girls tend to choose simple or masculine-looking shoe models, so the Loafers should be in your wardrobe. It will be suitable for most of your formal work clothes, and even if you’re still in college, you can choose it with simple casual clothes because it will match them.

Thin-strap sandals

One important thing in choosing shoes is to have a pair of strappy sandals that can match your afternoon or evening look. It is an essential item that cannot be dispensed with, especially in spring and summer. But be careful to choose a color that matches your clothes. I have a nude color to make it easy to coordinate and also give me a taller appearance.

The Tall Boot

The tall boot is considered a basic piece that must be present in your wardrobe during the winter season. Its color is chosen according to the shades in your clothing collection. However, the simple model that reaches the knee is one of the designs that is always present in the shoe trends every year.

Animal print shoes

Animal print leather engravings were a popular trend in footwear fashion in 2020. You can choose between snake, leopard, or zebra print leather based on your preference. The shoe design is chosen based on your taste, such as sandals or classic high-heeled or flat shoes.

Ankle boots

The ankle boot is an important style that you can always have in your wardrobe, as it’s a trend that never fades away. You can coordinate it with dresses and pants of various shapes and designs. You should have a variety of ankle boots in different colors to allow you to coordinate and wear them with various outfits.

Combat boot

Are you looking for simple yet stylish shoes? Then, there’s nothing better than trying out the Combat boot style, which features multiple laces and is always known for its black color. Therefore, you can choose it with most of your clothes, and it also gives you an attractive look in a very easy way.

Flat shoe

From time to time, you will need to renew the shoe models in your wardrobe. Therefore, the flat shape must be present, which gives you the freedom of movement, especially if you’re not a fan of wearing high heels all the time. So, make sure you have a pair of flat shoes that will go well with your casual morning look.

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