bags you can’t do without in college

Attending four lectures a day is not an easy task, is it? The papers, notebooks, and many tools we use in college on a daily basis certainly don’t require a bag measuring 10cm by 15cm! Even if you want to appear stylish, small bags in college and carrying papers in your hands won’t enhance your look, but instead, you’ll look exhausted and struggling with carrying your papers and tools.

That’s why in this article, I didn’t miss the opportunity to suggest to you the best bags suitable for college for you to use on a daily basis, to help you carry all your college tools and make it easier for you.

Bag Rucksack

Do you want to use a regular backpack but don’t like its very casual nylon look? The solution is in rucksack bag. They are usually made of faux or genuine leather depending on the store you will shop from. Suitable for Semi-Casual lovers as they combine both types in a subtle and not at all complicated way.

Tote Bag

One of the bags I never gave up during my university studies is suitable for carrying all my belongings, including my laptop and tools, especially the small-sized drawing tools, which were numerous. Therefore, this bag collects them in one place to help and facilitate your long college day.

Shoulder Bag

One of the bags that is on the latest trend and fashion, it has spread widely among young women, especially the design shown in the picture above. It is excellent in terms of size and modern design, as it is far from the boredom of everyday conventional bag designs.


I can not miss including this bag on our list today, as it is the savior of all daily crises in college and carries a lot of tools and memories as well. You can rely on it on long university days filled with lectures, and remember to shop for it in high quality so as not to hurt your shoulder or back bones.

Messenger Bag

One of the cutest bags ever when it comes to a day at university that isn’t full of classes and lectures. It always reminds me of French girls and that trend that dominated all social media platforms at some point. So, if you rely on the feminine style, then this bag is for you.

Cross Bag

Crossbody bags are exceptionally comfortable because they are lightweight and you don’t need to carry them all day like other bags. Just sling it over your shoulder and go about your day without worrying about your appearance. Opt for basic colors like white, black, nude, and burnt brown that suit most casual college outfits.

Large canvas tote bag

A recent fashion trend dominating social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, it has gained a lot of popularity among teenagers and young girls for its simplicity and minimalist design, free from the complexity of embroidery and details found in other bags on the market.

Duffel Bag

If your university is an hour away from your home, then these bags are the most suitable for you. We don’t know what might happen at university, and you know it’s difficult to return home easily. Therefore, opt for this design of puffy bags that will gather all the tools you will need in a long university day. You can also carry small pieces of clothing in it if your period is approaching and you don’t want any disasters to happen then.

Fanny pack

In contrast to the previous point completely! It’s one of the suitable bags for a day of paying university fees or a simple day with one lecture that doesn’t require a lot of tools. Suitable for those who love casual and bold style on a daily basis.

Note: Don’t forget to consider the quality of the university bags before you buy them, as you definitely don’t want the bag handle to break due to the large amount of tools inside!

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