8 Different Uses for Liquid Foundation that Make You Cannot Do Without It

Whenever the word or product “liquid foundation” comes to my mind, I always remember 2016 when “Huda Beauty” was teaching viewers on YouTube how to put a large amount of transparent liquid foundation under the eye to set makeup and conceal flaws under the eye, and leaving it for a while, then wiping off the residue with a brush.

This was my only thought about “liquid foundation” or Loose Powder, which made me avoid it in my makeup routine and use pressed powder instead. Because I believed it was heavy on the skin and would leave a powdery white cast, especially since I don’t wear makeup daily on my skin.

But with the arrival of 2020 and the spread of video-sharing websites such as TikTok and Instagram’s Reels technology, as well as YouTube, we have discovered many makeup discoveries and tricks that go beyond the traditional use of loose powder. In this article, I will introduce you to some of these tricks that will really save your makeup.

Fixing liquid or creamy eyelid creases.

One of the techniques that will benefit many ladies who have oily or greasy eyelids and want to keep the liquid eye shadow look throughout the day is to use liquid powder. Simply apply the liquid or cream eye shadow as usual, then take a small amount of liquid powder on a brush and press it gently on the entire eyelid with the brush. Leave it for a few seconds and then open your eyes. Don’t worry, this trick won’t hide the color or shade of your liquid or cream eye shadow.

Increasing foundation cream coverage

Have these pesky pimples appeared before an upcoming event or your friend’s wedding, and you want higher coverage from your foundation cream? This is where this trick comes in, there’s no need to purchase and bear the cost of a normal coverage foundation cream that you may only use once a month. Simply mix a little of your light or medium coverage foundation cream with a little liquid powder, and you will get a high coverage, smooth, and long-lasting foundation cream for the whole day!

Liquid powder to lighten redness and concealer powder.

Excited to try the new creamy cheek blush you bought, but after applying you found that its color is too intense on your skin and you accidentally applied a large amount without realizing it. What about the bronzer you put on in low light, only to find that you have applied too much and it made your skin look darker than it should be? The solution here is liquid powder, it will be your only savior instead of washing your face and reapplying your makeup. Just apply some of it to a large brush and swipe it on your face and it will remove any harsh lines from the bronzer and soften any unflattering color from the cheek blush.

Liquid Powder and Smokey Makeup

When I see a demonstration of applying smoky or smoky makeup in any video, I find that the makeup artist first applies eye makeup, and then moves on to face makeup. But what if I forget this step and apply foundation, concealer, and any step related to face makeup first? The solution here is in the liquid powder. Simply apply a little under your eyes in an appropriate amount and apply smoky eye makeup in your usual way. Any eye shadow that spreads on your face will be on the liquid powder that will capture it, and as a result, the foundation or concealer won’t pick up the eye shadow color.

Liquid powder as a step in skincare routine

Can you apply the liquid powder daily after applying sunblock and make it a part of your daily routine? Loreal experts have the answer to this question: Yes, you can! With the current formula of the liquid powder and the development of makeup technology, it has become light and has no heavy feel on the skin. Therefore, it is easy to apply on the face after sunblock to prevent oil secretion if you do not want to wear makeup on a certain day. Simply brush a large brush over the liquid powder and then on your face, and you will have a refreshed face all day without makeup.

What about this trick with concealer or hiding flaws

The Lebanese makeup blog “Rein Awad” tested this trick in this video and will rely on it as a basic part of her daily makeup. She combined the concealer or the blemish-hiding product with a brush covered in liquid powder. It is common to apply the concealer with a special brush and then apply the liquid powder on top, but sometimes the concealer can clump and form lines under the eye. This trick will prevent those lines and make the concealer last longer.

For longer lasting makeup, use it before applying your foundation cream.

Some people with oily skin do not prefer to apply makeup and a base cream because it tends to slide and spread quickly on their skin, giving an unattractive shiny appearance. The trick here is to apply a primer first, then a light layer of liquid powder, and finally the base cream. This method will prevent natural oils from slipping and will lock them inside your skin to ensure that the base cream stays on your skin for a longer time.

Liquid Powder to Conceal Eyebrows

The first days after Microblading your eyebrows can be one of the hardest days especially after years of having a light-shaped eyebrows on your face. The solution here is the liquid concealer, after you activate your eyebrows with clear eyebrow gel, brush the liquid clear concealer over it to hide the color of the Microblading dye.

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