11 winter cocktail dress trends to save you at parties

Have you ever felt confused about what to wear to your friend’s wedding in December or November? Cocktail and party dress trends vary from season to season, and each season has its own fashion trends. This winter was different from the previous winter and from the summer and spring of this year in general.

From tight and colorful dresses, to long cocktail dresses, and finally shiny dresses with fringes, we present to you the latest trends in cocktail dresses for this winter that you can easily adopt for your friend’s wedding, your engagement party, or even a simple occasion in the fall and winter.

Cocktail dresses with a wild print

Animal prints are one of the most popular patterns in fall and winter, as most clothes are inspired by this pattern or similar ones. Therefore, they are considered a widespread trend in cocktail dresses this year, especially the smaller ones.

Shiny Cocktail Dresses

Shiny cocktail dresses are at the top of our list for this year’s cocktail dress trends. Regardless of the design of the dress, shiny fabrics will enhance its beauty and make it stand out even more. Wear it to evening events or at your upcoming birthday party!

Shimmering Bright Colored Cocktail Dresses

Of course, cocktail dresses in bright and flashy colors are a fashion trend for dresses this winter 2022. These bright colors are prevalent in all styles of clothing, whether in casual daily wear or evening dresses. But don’t forget to choose colors that suit your skin tone.

Cocktail dresses with side slits

The best dresses for women with broad shoulders and apple-shaped bodies are those with a full skirt that draws attention to the legs and distracts from the rest of the body.

Cocktail dresses in black

Black lovers, where are you? The color black in all its shades is with us on the list of cocktail dress trends for this winter. It is suitable for bold and daring personalities who are not afraid to wear black at 3 pm at a friend’s wedding!

Wide cocktail dresses

For hijabi and those who prefer wearing loose clothing, they will love this type of cocktail dresses designs, no matter the color or print, as long as it has a wide cut, it’s on our list today.

Tight cocktail dresses

Completely opposite to the previous point, form-fitting cocktail dresses that hug the body are also on our list today. From what I have gathered in my research, this trend aims to promote body positivity by showcasing curves at all times and occasions. Would you consider trying it?

Cocktail dresses inspired by the 60s

With the spread of the Old Money fashion or the style of the rich and queens, it is natural to find the elegant dresses inspired by the 1950s and 1960s with us today. Embrace these old designs with red lipstick without contour or bronzer to complete your look!

Off-the-shoulder cocktail dresses

If you have a large buttocks or an hourglass or rectangular body shape, this dress design will suit you greatly. Drawing attention to the shoulder area in the off-the-shoulder dress style will distract attention from the rest of the body parts.

Long cocktail dresses

Very long dresses that reach the ankle are a fashion trend in winter and autumn. Therefore, they are also on our list of cocktail dresses. You can wear them in any material and color you like as long as you wear high heels with them to accentuate your figure.

Corset cocktail dresses

A princess from Disney princesses? Why not! Corset dresses are the best to highlight your waist and figure softly. That’s why you’ll definitely like this simple and feminine trend that won’t cost you any effort.

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