10 colors you can coordinate with blue that you wouldn’t expect

It seems that bright colors are still dominating fashion trends, after gaining huge popularity last year. However, most of us struggle to coordinate bright colors together, fearing that the outfit will be too much. Today, we decided to talk to you about 10 colors that you can easily coordinate with blue to get an attractive and elegant look.

Coordinating blue with yellow

One of my favorite color combinations is wearing blue with yellow. For example, you can wear a blue dress with a yellow coat or light blue pants with a yellow blouse. You can choose any shade of the two colors and coordinate them together.

Coordinating blue with light pink

I think there’s nothing better than a soft and calm look with these two colors. Your choice of a piece of clothing in either a bright or calm blue and coordinating it with another piece in a soft and calm light pink can simply give you a very gentle and simple look.

Coordinating blue with red

It may seem strange to some, but if you follow fashion trends, you’ve probably noticed that you can wear these two colors together. If you’re a fan of simplicity, you can wear a complete blue outfit and coordinate it with a red purse and belt. If you’re a fan of colors, you can wear a blue t-shirt and pair it with red pants or a skirt, and vice versa.

Coordinating blue with green

I wanted to think of two colors that people might be afraid to wear together, to show you that they can actually look great. Those colors are blue and green. Yes, exactly those two colors that some people think can’t be worn together.

In the fashion world, some people tend to coordinate colors and shades that are often similar and easy to mix. But it’s not the same for blue and green. Although they are from the same color family, they are completely different. This may make some people think it’s impossible to coordinate them together.

Therefore, wearing blue and green together may be shocking to many. But you will be surprised by the wonderful way these two colors look together. They can be mixed in some simple touches, such as accessories, bags, and shoes. And undoubtedly, the most attractive way is to mix them in clothing.

Coordinating blue with light blue

If you are a fan of monochromatic looks, we recommend pairing blue with other pieces of the same color but in a lighter shade. This way, you can achieve a soft yet eye-catching look.

Coordinating blue with brown and beige

Combining blue with brown and beige is a great color combination. The coolness of blue contrasts nicely with the warmth of brown and beige. This combination works well in both casual and formal outfits. For a more casual look, you can wear a blue denim jacket or shirt with beige or brown pants. For a more formal outfit, try wearing a navy blue suit with a brown or beige tie. Accessorizing with brown or beige shoes, belts, or bags can also help tie the whole look together.

Coordinating blue with orange color

Many people find orange color to be really scary, but when coordinated properly, it can be a work of art. I feel that when it comes to wearing orange and blue together, it can either look amazing or really terrible. The beauty of this color is its brightness, it’s a really beautiful color. However, for those looking for more subtle options in coordinating their outfits, you can wear royal blue with tangerine orange, or coordinate dark blue with it to tone down the brightness of the orange color.

Coordinating blue with white color

I think white is the best option when you stand in front of your closet trying to coordinate that blue blouse you have. Even if the entire look is in blue, you can play with white in other clothing elements such as shoes or bags.

Coordinating blue with black color

Many people are afraid to wear blue and dark blue with black, but it’s a fashion rule that you can break and overcome your fear of it. Shades of blue can look really beautiful with black, especially bright royal blue or dark blue.

Coordinating blue with purple color

The color purple is derived from the color blue in general, so it would be wonderful to coordinate them together. Simply, you can pair pastel blue with pastel purple or pair darker shades of both colors together to create an exceptional look on the latest fashion trends.

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